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Many sexual harassment victims face termination, retaliation

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2021 | Blog, Sexual Harassment

Dealing with sexual harassment in your California place of employment may leave you feeling unsure of how to proceed. You may have concerns about coming forward, fearing that your employer may retaliate against you in some manner for doing so. Research shows that these fears are not unreasonable. Many sexual harassment victims who do call attention to the treatment wind up having their employers fire them or retaliate against them after making their reports.

According to Mercury News, a review of about 46,000 reports of sexual harassment filed with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission revealed that more than 60% of claimants lose their jobs or experience retaliation after speaking out.

Termination after making sexual harassment claims

Studies show that 64% of sexual harassment claimants across the United States have their employers fire them within a year of speaking out about the harassment they experienced. In a separate study involving about 9,000 sexual harassment claims filed in California, specifically, 52% of claimants wound up losing their positions within a year.

Retaliation after making sexual harassment claims

The number of sexual harassment victims losing their jobs after making reports is concerning. However, the number of victims experiencing some type of workplace retaliation is even higher. Sexual harassment victims who made formal reports about the treatment faced some sort of work-related retaliation in 68% of instances.

Both men and women experience sexual harassment on the job. Yet, the majority, or 81%, of these claims, come from women. This remains true even though females currently comprise less than half of the American workforce.

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