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What are the types of workplace discrimination?

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2024 | Employment Law

Discrimination in the workplace can take various forms.

Any type of discrimination is illegal and detrimental to the work environment.

Age discrimination

MSNBC reports that a poll of 3,000 employees showed that 91% faced discrimination in the workplace. That is a huge number.

Age discrimination occurs when companies treat individuals unfairly due to their age. This can happen when employers make decisions about hiring, promotions or layoffs based on a person’s age. Older employees may not get promotions in favor of younger colleagues. Younger employees may face dismissal due to assumptions about their lack of experience.

Gender discrimination

Gender discrimination involves treating individuals differently based on their gender or gender identity. Examples include pay disparities between men and women performing the same job or harassment based on gender.

Racial discrimination

Racial discrimination occurs when employers treat workers unfairly because of their ethnicity. This can take the form of racial slurs or stereotypes. Workers may have unequal opportunities for advancement and promotions.

Disability discrimination

Disability discrimination involves treating individuals with disabilities unfairly in the workplace. This can include harassment or exclusion from job opportunities. The law says that employers must provide reasonable accommodations for employees with disabilities. This allows them to perform their job duties.

Religious discrimination

Religious discrimination is unfair treatment because of employees’ religious beliefs or practices. This can involve refusal to accommodate religious practices, harassment based on religious attire or customs or biased treatment in hiring and promotion decisions. Employers must make reasonable accommodations for employees’ religious practices.

No one should tolerate workplace discrimination. It is important to recognize it and report it.

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