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What should you do if your employer withholds compensation?

On Behalf of | Aug 24, 2021 | Blog, Wage And Hour Violations

Unfair compensation can affect your motivation and your willingness to work. By law, your employer must compensate you fairly and can face penalties for neglecting this duty.

Decisions about your compensation involve a look at your skill set, job experience and the responsibilities you oversee. With a bit of simple research, you can see benchmarking statistics to determine if your pay mirrors that of other professionals in your industry.

Confirm your responsibilities

Sometimes you may feel unfairly compensated, but a simple misunderstanding regarding your responsibilities could be to blame. Linked In suggests that you understand your role within the company. Your job’s value contributes to determining a fair wage. Your employment contract is one area where you can look for clarification on the correlation between your responsibilities and your wages.

If you feel that your wage is not indicative of how hard you work and the extent of your responsibilities, you may choose to request a raise. A mutual understanding between you and your employer regarding your responsibilities and how much money you earn can help you determine your next steps.

Define your expectations

Just like your employer has expectations for you at work, you can also hold your employer to personal expectations for treatment, wages and benefits in the workplace. If you hear promises of a raise or have discussed a wage discrepancy with your employer and nothing happens, you have the right to issue a complaint. You can communicate your frustration in a professional and civil manner.

One of the motivators to working hard is the promise of fair compensation. If your employer continues to withhold your wages, you can pursue legal action to help offset the emotional distress you experienced as a result of unfair treatment.

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