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Truck Accidents

If you have never experienced a personal injury after an accident, it might be easy to lump truck or semi accidents in with all other types of motor vehicle accidents. “After all,” you might say, “They are all caused by motorized vehicles, on legal roadways, so how different could they be?”

If you have been in a collision involving a truck, you know all too well how devastating the aftermath can be. At Yoosefian Law Firm, P.C., we fight for our clients’ rights to compensation after a truck wreck. We can handle all communications between you, the insurance companies and other entities on the other side of your lawsuit. We can also advise you about moves by opposing counsel or those whom they represent to minimize or refute your claim. Their job is to maximize profit and minimize liability for their client; ours is to ensure you receive the funds you need to recover and thrive after a serious accident.

Key Differences Between Truck Accidents And Auto Collisions

Here are just a few ways in which truck accidents can differ from collisions that involve other types of vehicles:

  1. The most obvious difference is the size and power differential between a car and a truck weighing more than 10,000 pounds. The impact of a truck far outstrips that of a car.
  2. Injuries suffered by occupants of cars hit by a semi or other truck are often far more serious, and fatalities are more common.
  3. As far as insurance is concerned, in a truck wreck the truck driver is often either covered through the company he or she drives for or is self-insured as an owner-operator.

Our Attorneys Can Assist You In Obtaining The Compensation You Need

Our firm’s attorneys can conduct a thorough examination of the factors contributing to your truck accident and construct a strong suit to demonstrate that the defendants are accountable for your injuries. We are zealous advocates for our clients and fight for the best outcome for you, whether that happens through a settlement or a litigated verdict.

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