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Whistleblower Protection

California and federal laws recognize that company employees should not have to choose between earning a paycheck and doing the right thing. Unfortunately, many businesses will attempt to go after the person who calls out illegal activity, rather than correcting the problem and thanking the person who reported it.

Our firm, Yoosefian Law Firm, P.C., stands up for your legal workplace rights. Our founding attorney knows that many clients have been punished unfairly for engaging in legally protected activities, and he assists them in holding the responsible parties accountable.

Activities Protected By Whistleblower Laws

Employees contemplating reporting inappropriate company behavior are protected by a network of whistleblower protection statutes. Some are specific and cover a specific industry or activity; others have a broader scope. Here is a sampling of activities that are covered by the laws:

  • Reporting that the company is in violation of local, state or federal regulations or codes
  • Notifying an outside entity that the company is dumping waste illegally
  • Refusing to participate in company activities that violate the law
  • Filing a report of discrimination or harassment against the company
  • Initiating a grievance or requesting an investigation into a health care agency that relates to patient care, treatment or safety
  • Making a complaint related to worker safety and health
  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim, or testifying at a co-worker’s workers’ compensation hearing

Combating The Many Faces Of Whistleblower Punishment

Employers who punish whistleblowers may use a diverse set of tactics to retaliate. You may have been fired without just cause or subjected to a cut in wages, an arbitrary change in work hours or a demotion. One of our lawyers can advise you on the best ways to document what you experienced, in order to build a strong claim that will provide you with compensation for your hardships and hold bad actors accountable.

Hire An Experienced Whistleblower Attorney Today

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