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All employers have expectations for the performance of their employees, and many of them outline how they may discipline employees if those expectations are not met. But this power is not universal — as a worker, you are not expected to endure unfair treatment disguised as “corrective action” when you have done nothing wrong.

If you believe you have experienced workplace retaliation, contact our law office, Yoosefian Law Firm, P.C. Our lead attorney has represented many plaintiffs in employment litigation cases and can guide you through the complex and sometimes confusing process of seeking justice and accountability. He will listen to your side of your case and evaluate all the evidence and documentation that exists. He will advise you on the proper channels in which to file your case, and which steps to take to facilitate a just result.

How Can I Tell If It Is Retaliation?

Even if you are not unjustly fired from your position as a result of employer retaliation, you may experience negative consequences for your justified workplace behavior. Some supervisory actions that can be interpreted as retaliation include:

  • Demoting you
  • Cutting your pay
  • Assigning you to a less desirable shift
  • Creating a poor performance report with no basis in fact
  • Harassing you in front of co-workers

The Key To Strong Retaliation Claims — Engaging In Lawful Activity

What separates employment retaliation from a simple employee-employer disagreement about discipline? If you have been punished for engaging in lawful activity, then the discipline you receive for that activity could be considered retaliation.

Some of the instances that can spark claims of employer retaliation include:

  • Filing a workers’ compensation claim
  • Reporting a wage and hour violation by your employer
  • Participating in workplace investigations
  • Complaining about experiencing discrimination in the workplace

Retaliation is a risk that often keeps employees from reporting legal violations as a whistleblower. Employees who report illegal company activities are specifically protected by a network of state and federal laws.

Your Case Deserves A Lawyer With Employment Law Experience

Do not take a chance on your case — trust it to an experienced employment issues attorney. Call our office in Glendale at 818-275-8572 or email us via our online form. We work with clients throughout California.