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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can result in some of the highest rates of injury, compared with other types of motor vehicle crashes. With very little to protect the motorcycle rider from contact with the road or other vehicles, the chances of being seriously injured or killed in a motorcycle accident are much higher than for occupants of cars or trucks.

At Yoosefian Law Firm, P.C., we understand the unique dynamics in play in motorcycle injury accidents. Our attorneys represent clients in a variety of accident situations, so they know what questions to ask to assess liability and fault, as well as how to calculate adequate compensation requests to finance your post-accident recovery and long-term needs.

Factors That Impact Motorcycle Accident Lawsuits

As mentioned above, accidents that involve a motorcycle play out differently than one involving two cars, or a car and a truck. Some of the factors that can influence the outcome a lawsuit involving a motorcycle accident can include:

  • The size, speed and distance of motorcycles can be difficult for other motorists to judge and respond to appropriately.
  • Motorcyclists usually ride alone, reducing the number of witnesses available for an injured motorcyclist to call to corroborate their version of events.
  • The popularity of motorcycles with both younger riders, who may have less overall driving experience, and riders over 40, who may have slower reaction times, can lead to motorcyclists being found partially at fault for their injuries.

A lawyer at our firm will oversee a thorough investigation of the evidence and seek to determine where the fault lies, in order to demand accountability for your pain and suffering.

We Build A Strong Claim For Your Case

Depending on the extent of your injuries and other circumstances, you may be able to ask for some or all of the following as part of your lawsuit:

  • Past and projected future medical treatment
  • Damages for extreme pain and emotional suffering related to the wreck
  • Lost wages due to time away from work or permanent disability
  • Compensation for the fair market value of your motorcycle

Let Us Get Your Recovery On Track

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