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Lesser Forms Of Wrongful Termination

Just as with California’s wrongful dismissal statutes, while your employer may discipline you for on-the-job infractions, this power is not unlimited. There are forms of discipline that the state’s courts have recognized as illegal attempts to engage in retaliation or wrongful demotion.

If you believe you are the target of behavior by your employer that stops short of wrongful termination but still substantially changes your working environment in a negative way, contact the Yoosefian Law Firm, P.C. We will listen to your side of the story and advise you on your best options for resolving the situation. If litigation is needed, we will represent you at the negotiation table or in the courtroom.

Do My Employer’s Actions Qualify As Illegal?

You may hesitate to hire a lawyer if you still have your job, because you may need it to provide for your family. Or you may wonder if you even have a case. Here are a few behaviors that the courts have determined could be illegally motivated disciplinary actions:

  • Demotions
  • Reductions in pay
  • Assigning you to a less desirable shift
  • Making you work longer or shorter hours than before
  • Creating a baseless bad performance report
  • Giving you job duties that interfere with a known disability
  • Harassing you in front of co-workers

Motivations For Disciplinary Actions That Are Illegal

A supervisor’s motivation for disciplining you can also be crucial to your case. Employers are forbidden to discriminate against you based on a protected-class status such as race, religion or sexual orientation. You are also protected from disciplinary actions based upon you engaging in a protected activity such as reporting illegal behavior by the company or filing a workers’ compensation claim. Finally, if you work working under a contract or employer policies that implied protection from the “at-will” employment clause, you may be able to demonstrate that you were unfairly disciplined or demoted.

Do Not Go It Alone Against Your Employer — Trust Us To Represent You

An attorney at our firm can assess your case and advise you on the best ways to obtain a just resolution. Call our office in Glendale at 818-275-8572 or email us using our online response form. We serve clients all across California.