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Gender Discrimination

The archaic saying that “it is a man’s world” definitely does not describe the state of employment law in California. Our state has strong legal protections that prohibit discrimination based on gender.

At Yoosefian Law Firm, P.C., we can help you document the inappropriate treatment you have received. Our founding attorney, Ronald Yoosefian, believes in a safe and equitable workplace for all, and he will advise you as your case moves through administrative and legal proceedings.

Examples Of Gender Discrimination At Work

Gender discrimination can sometimes be difficult to identify. Here are some examples of actions considered to be gender discrimination:

  • A woman is not hired as a sales executive because the company believes its customers prefer men in that role.
  • A company places mostly women in a lower paying job classification, despite the fact that they work alongside men doing the same tasks for better pay.
  • You are forced to take sick and personal leave while having your baby (this is known as pregnancy discrimination).
  • You discuss your salary with a male co-worker who is in the same job classification as you and has similar qualifications, and discover he makes substantially more than you do as a female employee.

One of our lawyers can help you document your experiences, file claims with relevant state or federal agencies, and assist you in preparing a civil lawsuit, should that prove necessary.

New Legal Protections For Transgender Employees In California

On July 1, 2017, new regulations related to transgender employees went into effect in California. These laws specifically address the following, among other items:

  • Employers must not discriminate based on an employee’s stage of gender transition.
  • Employers must use an employee’s preferred pronouns (including gender-neutral terms) to refer to them.
  • Employers must provide equal access to bathrooms and other public facilities to all employees.
  • Employees cannot be required to provide any identity document to use facilities designated for use by a particular gender.

If your employer has five or more employees and is not complying with these guidelines, contact us. We will assist you in advocating for your legal rights.

We Believe In Workplace Equality For All People

Every Californian deserves a fair chance to prove themselves at work. Contact us with your employment law issues at 818-275-8572 or email us using our online response form. We are based in Glendale but represent clients statewide.