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What happens during an RCI retaliation investigation?

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2023 | Employment Law

CalMatters reported an increase of 50% in reports of workplace retaliation since 2019. In California, it is the job of the Retaliation Complaint Investigation Unit to safeguard the rights of employees.

The unit diligently investigates claims of retaliation to ensure a fair work environment for all employees. The RCI takes over once you file your complaint.

The basic process

The RCI delves into the timeline of events surrounding the alleged retaliation. The investigation also considers the specific circumstances, workplace culture and relevant policies. This meticulous approach enables the unit to assess the legitimacy of the claim and make informed decisions regarding the appropriate course of action.


During the process, the RCI may ask for additional documentation. It is essential to provide any requested items. The RCI may examine emails, performance reviews or other records that may shed light on the events in question. This careful review helps corroborate or refute claims and ensures a well-rounded investigation.


The RCI may speak with individuals who may have observed or had involvement in the alleged retaliation. You may have to undergo an interview or attend a hearing as well. Getting firsthand accounts contributes to a more thorough understanding of the situation. The unit strives to maintain confidentiality throughout this process, creating a safe space for witnesses to share their perspectives.

Upon concluding the investigation, the RCI will issue findings and recommendations. This transparent communication ensures that both employees and employers are aware of the outcomes and understand the rationale behind the unit’s decisions.

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