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They fight back when you speak up

On Behalf of | Mar 21, 2023 | Employment Law

You go to the management office to discuss working conditions. Maybe you noticed constantly slippery floors, maybe the facility temperature is dangerous or maybe you even witnessed civil rights violations.

The next thing you know, they are pushing you out of the company. Maybe they actually went as far as to terminate your employment — or maybe they act in a subtler way.

Retaliation and discrimination are illegal

Your employer might underestimate you. They might think that they hold all the cards. They might not even know the laws that apply to them. However, regardless of the reason that you experience injustice at work, retaliation and discrimination are both illegal.

More specifically, there are well over 50 sections of California law that prohibit various types of illegal behavior. The rules govern retaliation and termination stemming from everything from secret shoppers to alternative workweek opinions.

Potential remedies and actions

If you are like most people, however, you do not typically think about workplace rights protections until you need them. By that time, the unlawful act may already have damaged or eliminated your position in the company.

You might not even want your job back. The exact type of remedy you would want to pursue would probably depend on the facts of your case and your own priorities. For example, one common goal is to get compensation for wages lost due to illegal termination or retaliation.

The purpose of these laws is to create a fair business environment for workers who have very little power individually. When you look into the details, some of the potential protections you have as an employee might surprise you.

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