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What are some reasons people may hesitate to report harassment?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2022 | Blog, Sexual Harassment

After an incident at work that involves sexual harassment, you may not know where to turn or what to do.

Understanding common roadblocks that people could worry about when reporting unwelcome sexual advances can help you.

Minimizing your experience

According to Psychology Today, a person who is in a hostile work environment may not recognize the ways that it affects them at first. Someone could try to tell themselves and others that the constant threats they faced were not as bad as other situations.

Noticing physical and mental symptoms, such as a lack of sleep at night and intense anxiety surrounding work, can help you understand the impact of this harassment.

Misunderstanding definitions

Learning about what constitutes sexual harassment and how you can tell if a situation qualifies can help you. The frequency and intensity of these interactions are also important to note. If coworkers or your bosses try to exchange favors for sexual acts from you or they constantly make statements of a sexual nature toward you, then you could be in a hostile work environment.

Being touched in certain places on your body is another form of this problem. You could also face implied threats that signal that someone could ignore you for a promotion if you do not comply with the harassment.

Struggling with hopelessness

Figuring out what to do next may feel overwhelming or confusing at first if you do not know you can take steps once a situation or environment becomes threatening.

Knowing what your options are is important if you are sexually harassed at work.

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