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How does harassment manifest in digital settings?

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2022 | Firm News

Though workers often expect the best from their workplace environment, this is not always the case.

In fact, despite technological developments over the years, many workplaces still struggle with harassment.

Sexual harassment through digital means

The Association for Talent Development discusses sexual harassment which still occurs in digital workplaces. However, the way that harassment occurs has changed greatly due to the alterations in the landscape of work environments.

For example, many instances of harassment take place over digital mediums these days, rather than in person or face-to-face. For sexual harassment, this can manifest in several ways.

First of all, harassers can target people by sending him or her private messages or emails that contain lewd conversation or unsolicited and explicit photographs or video links. These photographs or video links may be of the harasser, or they may simply be explicit links selected from the wider internet.

It is also possible for harassers to verbally target victims through digital means. Unfortunately, while private and direct messaging systems have a lot of benefits, they also open individuals up to mistreatment by abusive co-workers or even management.

Abusers and harassers will take the privacy as an opportunity to say vulgar or crude things, or attempt to solicit sexual favors in exchange for benefits or at the risk of a threat. As a note, the actual sexual services solicited do not have to be provided in order for the solicitation itself to be considered sexual harassment.

Collecting necessary evidence

Fortunately, with many things using the internet and virtual approaches these days, it is easier than ever to collect and compile evidence of harassment of many forms. Workers who face sexual harassment over digital mediums can and should begin the process of documenting these moments. This creates a strong evidence base to take to HR, or for use in the case of legal escalation.

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