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Understanding the prevalence of pregnancy discrimination

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2022 | Blog, Discrimination

Whether your employer refuses to pay the overtime you deserve or you face sexual harassment, a wide variety of violations can occur in the workplace. In addition, many workers have to deal with serious consequences as a result of discrimination, which can take place for a wide variety of reasons. If you are pregnant, it is essential to immediately identify any type of discrimination and evaluate your options.

In addition, reviewing data on pregnancy discrimination charges shows just how widespread these violations actually are.

Pregnancy discrimination statistics

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reports that during the fiscal year 2021, the agency received more than 2,200 pregnancy discrimination receipts. It is important to note that this figure does not count charges filed with other agencies. In previous years, the EEOC saw even more charge filings. For example, the EEOC received over 2,790 pregnancy discrimination receipts during the fiscal year 2018 and more than 3,500 during the fiscal year 2015.

In the fiscal year 2021, pregnancy discrimination cases resulted in $14 million worth of payouts, and this does not count benefits secured as a result of litigation.

The impact of pregnancy discrimination

Unfortunately, some people remain silent after experiencing pregnancy discrimination, whether they do not realize that unlawful violations occurred or they worry about retaliation. Pregnancy discrimination is especially concerning since it can result in financial hardships at a time when a family has additional financial concerns.

Whether you lose your job, face repeated harassment that makes your work environment hostile or become demoted, pregnancy discrimination can lead to many serious challenges and you need to stand firm for your rights.

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