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Retaliation affects 70% of California sexual harassment victims

On Behalf of | Jan 28, 2022 | Sexual Harassment

Facing sexual harassment in your California place of business may have you feeling frustrated and ill at ease. You may feel even more so if you report the treatment and wind up having someone retaliate against you after doing so. Research shows that while many California sexual harassment victims never come forward, the majority of those who do face retaliation in the aftermath.

According to Mercury News, a study of about 9,000 sexual harassment claims filed in California over a four-year span has revealed concerning information about how many workers face sexual harassment and retaliation in their places of business.

Sexual harassment statistics

Studies show that while women only comprise 47% of today’s workforce, they file 81% of the nation’s sexual harassment claims. Sexual harassment is also more common in some industries than in others. You face a higher chance of facing sexual harassment in your place of business if you work in mining, the oil industry, warehousing or transportation. Sexual harassment is also common in restaurants and other settings that are often male-dominated.

Retaliation statistics

While 52% of those who filed sexual harassment claims in California between 2012 and 2016 wound up losing their jobs, the percentage of those who faced some type of retaliation was even higher. The study shows that 70% of sexual harassment claimants faced retaliation after filing claims.

Retaliation takes on many forms. If you lost your job, received a demotion, had your pay cut or faced similar circumstances or adverse treatment after filing a sexual harassment claim, you may also be a victim of retaliation.

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