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What should you do about workplace discrimination?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2021 | Discrimination

Experiencing discrimination at your workplace in California can disrupt your productivity. You may experience fear, a decline in confidence and humiliation because of the treatment you suffer.

Reporting your experiences right away should provide some relief and allow you to feel safer at work. However, if your employer fails to respond appropriately, ongoing issues may eventually threaten your job. Knowing how to react in this situation can help you protect your rights.

Keep a record

At the first sign of discrimination, record your experience. Try to include details such as the time the incident happened. Details like this can help you build a case, especially if the perpetrator denies being at work at the time the interaction occurred. Even though an electronic record may provide convenience, having any evidence printed out can save your story if the perpetrator tries to delete evidence of discriminatory encounters.

You can also benefit from keeping a record of your feelings and how your experiences affect you emotionally. According to Monster, workplace discrimination extends beyond the job and can impact your emotional health indefinitely. Depression and other illnesses related to your mistreatment can introduce stress into your personal relationships outside of work. Being able to show how discrimination has firsthand impacted your life can strengthen your story.

Ask for communication

After you report allegations of discriminatory behavior, request that your employer stays in contact with you. Ask about what will follow and how you will stay informed of the investigation. Watch for signs of retaliatory behavior.

Your experiences at work should allow you to develop your skills and provide for your needs without discrimination or harassment. If your employer fails to respond appropriately and ignores your claims, you have the right to take legal action.

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