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What does workplace discrimination look like?

On Behalf of | Mar 31, 2020 | Discrimination

In the workplace, employers and managers cannot discriminate against protected classes. This means that they cannot use gender, religion, race, disability or age to justify poor treatment of workers. 

Employment related discrimination is an extremely serious matter. Business Partner Magazine describes some forms of discrimination that you may be unaware of. 

You receive less pay 

Many employers claim that you cannot talk about your salaries. The truth is that you can share the details of your pay. It is against your rights for your employer to force you to stay quiet about your compensation. Most do not share their pay, however, and this leads to discrimination in pay. 

You see little diversity 

If you see a lack of diversity in the workplace, this can be a red flag. Watch out for industries that excuse their lack of diversity. They may claim that certain demographics are more likely to apply for the job and hence there is less diversity. An occupation that does not address diversity deserves a call out. 

You face discipline 

Sometimes discrimination takes the form if discipline. If the management disciplines you above and beyond other employees, then this may be due to discrimination. Those who discriminate may be unreasonable in discipline. 

You receive fewer promotions 

Sometimes, employers or managers will ignore certain demographics when it comes to promotions. Say that you have all the experience, skills and training necessary to advance but there are never opportunities at your workplace. While it may be difficult, at first, to prove discrimination, you can normally dig to find out that truth. 

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