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Addressing workplace discrimination when you are a victim

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Employment Law

When you arrive at work each day, you should never have to worry about being mistreated. If you have been the victim of discrimination at your workplace in California, it may create feelings of anxiety, frustration and concern for you. 

If left unaddressed, the mistreatment you are enduring could begin to interfere with your ability to perform your job responsibilities. When this begins to happen, your career could be compromised and you may be left with an even larger problem. 

Disclosing your concerns 

As soon as you realize you have been the victim of any degree of mistreatment, it is critical that you bring your concerns to the attention of a superior. In some circumstances, you may feel uncomfortable discussing your concerns with your superior if he or she was involved in the mistreatment or if you fear news about your conversation spreading to the perpetrator. When this is the case, you can go directly to the human resources department at your company and disclose your concerns there. Depending on your employer, there may be a confidential hotline that you can contact in order to report any concerns about your workplace or the people you work with. 

Responding to mistreatment 

Once you have voiced your concerns, coping with the aftermath of the mistreatment you have experienced will require time and resources. Monster.com suggests that one option you can consider is professional therapy to help you assess the situation and identify appropriate and healthy ways of responding. You may also choose to seek out a support group and network with other individuals who may have been through similar experiences. 

Even if you are confident that the mistreatment has abated, it is critical that you keep a record of what is happening to you at work so you can have evidence of your experiences should you need to report something again. For more information, if you have been discriminated against in the workplace, visit our web page. 

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