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Former employee describes pattern of race discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 10, 2019 | Discrimination

Members of the gamer community in California might dream of working at companies such as Blizzard. However, a former Blizzard employee has spoken out about the allegedly discriminatory treatment he experienced while he was working on the Hearthstone esports circuit.

According to the man’s social media post, the culture of inclusion at the company only applies if people are not people of color. The man, who is of Hispanic heritage, reports that he was repeatedly tormented over the fact that he was Mexican by a female team member.

The man reports that the woman repeatedly insisted that he must be a chauvinist simply because he was Mexican. The man reported that the woman insisted that stereotypes of Mexican males applied to him. He said that the woman’s ongoing comments weighed on him so heavily that it caused him to develop major depression and anxiety disorders. The man stated that he thought about suicide to the point that he measured the amount of rope that he might need. The ex-employee said that the racial abuse was ongoing until he was transferred to a different team.

Workplace discrimination is prohibited under both state and federal law. When the behavior and conduct of other workers are so pervasive that they create a hostile work environment, it can be illegal when it is based on the protected characteristics of the victim. People who believe that they have been the victims of workplace race discrimination might want to talk to experienced employment lawyers who can offer honest assessments to the workers of whether they have valid grounds for a discrimination complaint. They might assist their clients with gathering the evidence that they might need to support their charges.

Source: Comic Book, “Ex-Blizzard employee alleges racial abuse and discrimination, ‘I Wanted to Die’“, Liana Ruppert, Jan. 9, 2019

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